About Us

About Us

Please Rise Your Helping Hand

Penchant eye health foundation was founded in the year 2020, aptly being the year marking the threshold of the Vision 2020 Right to Sight Initiative as promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Council of Optometry (WCO).

"PEHF has a goal of playing a part in achieving it in diverse ways including;
1. Data Collection, Analysis and presentation on EyeCare Challenges, Needs and Solutions.
2. Using this data to advocate for increased public funding for eye care from Government and other Non-Governmental Organisation sources.
3. Providing quality health care at affordable costs to the average person in the Nigerian society, while sponsoring free EyeCare services for the vulnerable and poor masses who are unable to access quality Eye care."

With a population of approximately 200 million and counting, Nigeria is the most populous black Nation in the world. However with upwards of 70% of her population not being able to access quality and affordable eyecare, there exists a need to bridge the gap in line with the Vision 2020 goals.

So far, we have projects ongoing in three geopolitical zones, the north central, the south east and the south South. At Penchant eye health foundation we believe that no one should suffer loss of vision unnecessarily.


Our Mission

To provide quality health care at affordable costs to the average person in the Nigerian society.

Our Vision

To achieve a society where the problems facing the health sector in general and the eyecare sector in particular becomes a thing of the past.

Our Values

Dedication in making the world a better place